Those of us in agriculture have a duty now to deliver for the country this year. Our role has changed from simply being a business like any other; we are now part of a chain that Australia is depending on to be successful. That means we need to stay healthy ourselves, and help our customers stay healthy and producing food. We owe this to people who will be on the frontlines fighting this pandemic.

Below is an outline of our continued services in light of the evolving situation around COVID-19. Please note that we are committed to providing a safe and healthy working environment for our employees and their families and are proactively working with our customers to identify potential risks of any nature and how to best manage them.

From Wednesday morning 25th March 2020, all non essential personnel will no longer be permitted within our office or showroom areas until further notice. Our staff will continue to greet you with a warm smile instead of our normal handshake but all goods will need to be picked up or delivered from our warehouse yards.

We will gladly conduct all orders and business over the phone to reduce face to face interactions and the possible spread of COVID-19. All operational staff, critical to supporting our customers have been issued with technology to ensure complete business continuity. At this point in time, none of our core business services will be disrupted.

Internal processes are now in place and we are continually communicating with our staff daily on changes as issued by the Australian Government Health Department. We appreciate that our staff are exercising appropriate and proactive caution around hygiene practices and have limited or suspended all domestic and international travel. We ask that if any customers feel they could be in a situation that may transmit any sickness that they make contact with us via phone or email and we will make every effort to deliver the exceptional services we always strive to.

Careful consideration has gone into the decisions we have made to date and detailed risk assessments are in place. If required, we have further measures to update and support current working employees of the McGregor Gourlay Group, however, we are monitoring the situation daily and following government advice on the matter.

Agriculture has been designated an essential industry. For obvious reasons it will remain so for the duration of the COVID-19 pandemic, although we may be asked to change the way we conduct business. We will keep you, our valued customers informed, and notify you of any changes in our daily operations should they arise. It is crucial we work together, so thank you for your ongoing support. We will get through this.

Josh McGregor
Managing Director