Turning to cotton I BELLATA DRYLAND - McGregor Gourlay

Turning to cotton I BELLATA DRYLAND

Making the shift from mungbeans and sorghum to cotton wasn’t an easy choice, but it has been a saving grace in dry times.

As cotton harvest draws to a close at “Springfield”, Bellata, Craig and Merrillee Tomlinson together with McGregor Gourlay Agronomist Brooke Cutler, talk with The Land on the second season of growing dryland cotton in Bellata.

With a total of 128mm of in-crop rain, the crop has yielded 2.3 bales to the hectare, and McGregor Gourlay agronomist, Brooke Cutler, Moree, said the crop performed well considering the difficult season.

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From a negative to a positive. Craig Tomlinson, Bellata NSW & McGregor Gourlay Agronomist Brooke Cutler talk dryland cotton with The Land #mcgregorgourlay

Posted by McGregor Gourlay on Saturday, 9 June 2018