? Bushfire Preparedness for Livestock ?

It’s hot, it’s dry, and we’ve already seen some of the worst bushfires in the state’s history. With extreme temperatures about to hit this weekend, don’t delay in preparing your property for bushfire season.

Read on below for some useful tips by the North West Local Land Services of what you can do in advance of fires to protect your family, farm and livestock:

? Develop a plan for your property – Where will you put your livestock? Do you have paddocks with minimal vegetation? Ploughed paddocks? Yards that will be safe during a fire? Can you move them quickly when needed?

? Plough fire breaks around the outside of paddocks with livestock or crops, around assets such as sheds and yards, and around your boundary fences. Try to ensure these breaks have as little vegetation remaining in the soil as possible.

? Ensure all livestock have identification – ear tags, microchips, brands or some way of finding them if they go missing after a fire. Consider taking photos of your stock so that you will be able to claim them if they end up in mixed mobs when fences are damaged.

? Think about your watering system – Will it withstand a fire? Is there a backup water source if pipe, troughs and tanks are damaged? Fires can damage polypipe even when buried.

? Ensure firefighting equipment on your property is well maintained, and that everyone knows how to use it.

 Ensure that if you plan to stay and defend your property, that you have appropriate equipment, personal protective clothing, a method of communicating with loved ones, and a good plan for how you will protect your assets.

? Download the Fires Near Me app onto your phone and set a watch zone around your property, so that you receive alerts for any fires in your area.

To download to iphone, click here >> https://apps.apple.com/au/app/fires-near-me-nsw/id370891827

To download to android, click here >>

??? If there is a fire near you, put your bushfire survival plan into action !

? If safe to do so, move livestock into paddocks with minimal vegetation.

? Consider opening internal gates to allow stock to run away from fires – care is needed near roads.

? If you evacuate, you may not be able to return for several days. Make sure any stock left behind have adequate water and feed until you are able to return.

Remember that your safety and that of your family and staff is the most important thing. On days with a catastrophic fire danger rating, fires are unable to be stopped. Plan ahead, don’t take unnecessary risks, and lets all get through this fire season in one piece.

Article by North West NSW Local Land Services, November 2019