Our diverse selection of top-tier seed suppliers is carefully curated to meet the unique needs of modern growers, enabling you to sow the seeds of success with confidence. At McGregor Gourlay, we're dedicated to delivering superior genetics, exceptional germination rates, and expert guidance to help you cultivate thriving crops. Explore our range of seed supply partners, and let us be your trusted partner in nurturing the potential of your agricultural endeavours.

McGregor Gourlay Supply Partners

Pacific Seeds: Australia's trusted seed supplier, offering innovative and high-yielding seed solutions for diverse farming systems.

Pioneer Seeds: Leading seed provider in Australia, delivering cutting-edge genetics and technology for increased crop productivity and profitability.

Barenbrug: Australia's top seed business, excelling in R&D, marketing, and distribution of proprietary pasture, forage, turf, and seed enhancement solutions.

SeedForce: Australia's premier seed company, offering a wide range of high-quality seeds for pasture, forage, and fodder crops. We specialise in breeding, production, and distribution, providing innovative solutions for sustainable agriculture.

Woods Group: Trusted agricultural seed supplier in Australia, offering a diverse range of premium seeds for crops, pastures, and forage. Our expertise in seed production, research, and innovation ensures superior quality and high-performance solutions for farmers nationwide.

SW Seed Co: Leading provider of high-quality seed solutions in Australia. We specialise in breeding, production, and distribution of superior forage, turf, and cover crop seeds. Our commitment to innovation and sustainability ensures optimal performance for farmers and land managers.