Here at McGregor Gourlay our technical team is all about achieving production increases on your farm.

As climate awareness grows and emission targets become part of our political and social fabric we believe part of the conversation should be around carbon sequestration.

The practices and tools used to enable carbon retention all flow into improving farm production in the medium to long term. Just by introducing these farm improvement methods an added bonus could be the accumulation of carbon credits to land on your balance sheet for retention or trade.

If you have any thoughts around this space and your contemplating registering a carbon project have a chat to your local McGregor Gourlay agronomist so that we may capture your initial thoughts.

We are excited to involve Precision Pastures as a trusted advisor in any project evaluation and setting up the project including the registration process.

Established in 2015 at Armidale in the New England region of New South Wales, Precision Pastures service clients across the eastern states of Australia and work closely with trusted existing advisers such as agronomists, nutritionists and stock or real estate agencies.

They put data first and central in all that we do, to remove any subjectivity and bias towards any product or methodology.

Their team shares 60+ years of experience in agribusiness, livestock production, soil science and agronomy. Their passion is to help farmers continuously improve their land and their business.