Career Pathways.

Ever envisioned a career that perfectly matches your ambitions? At McGregor Gourlay, we're here to make your career dreams a reality. We offer a range of six distinct programs dedicated to nurturing your professional growth and helping you shape the future you've always envisioned.

Industry Experience.

Gain hands-on insights into the agriculture industry, setting a strong foundation for your career journey.

School Leavers Program.

Combine your academic pursuits with real-world experience through our university placement and internship program.

University Placement & Internship.

Joining McGregor Gourlay provides the advantage of in-house mentoring, fostering professional development and growth within the organisation.

Traineee Program.

Dive into a specialised role with mentorship from experienced professionals and accelerate your career progression.

Graduate Agronomy Program.

Explore the scientific aspects of crop production, soil management, and sustainability through our agronomy-focused program.

Graduate Program.

Seamlessly transition from academia to the professional world, gaining exposure to various areas of our organisation.

To learn more about each program and express your interest in joining, apply through our online portal.

Your journey towards a rewarding career in agriculture begins with this simple step.

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Staff Profiles.


Sarah Hunt

McGregor Gourlay Moree

Discover the inspiring journey of Sarah at McGregor Gourlay, where passion meets innovation in the world of agriculture.

Watch as Sarah shares her career profile, highlighting her commitment to sustainable farming practices and her role in fostering community growth.


Lachlan Elworthy

McGregor Gourlay Croppa Creek

Join Lachie from Croppa Creek as he shares insights into innovative agricultural practices and community-driven farming.

This engaging video explores the challenges and triumphs faced by modern farmers, offering a glimpse into sustainable farming.


Sophie Venz

McGregor Gourlay Bellata

Explore the world of modern farming with Sophie as she shares her journey and the innovative techniques that drive her passion for agriculture.

Discover the challenges and rewards of sustainable farming in this captivating video.