Celebrating 40 years in the business. Congratulations David Smith, Warialda.

We mark a rare milestone for a team member this year, as David Smith celebrates 40 years in the business, having started back in 1982.

Dave has witnessed enormous change over the years, as JA McGregor & Co grew from a single branch in cramped quarters in Warialda to the broad network we are today. Along with Ian McGregor he pretty much was the merchandise/chemical/seed/fertiliser/everything else department as we slowly grew our services, so it’s no stretch to say that he played a foundational role in expanding McGregor’s into these areas of the industry and paving the way for us to be what we are today.

The Warialda branch has been an enduring success for a long time now, and those of you who have worked with Dave over the years will know how important his dedication and work ethic have been to that story and what a major role he has played. But it takes more than just hard work to make a great branch, you’ve got to have a bit of fun as well, and the Warialda team especially will know how much Dave’s good humour and wicked wit has been an important part of making the branch a great place to work, and has made the branch a second family for so many over the years.

This month marks 40 years that I’ve known Dave, having first met him when I was a nosy 9 year old hanging around the branch after school and on weekends looking for jobs to do for pocket money. Together we’ve seen lots of change, had plenty of good laughs, and witnessed a few tough times. I feel incredibly grateful that Dave decided to make his career at McGregor’s, but more than that I’m proud and fortunate to call him a friend.

Congratulations, and thank you Dave. I hope we’ve still got you for a long time yet.

Josh McGregor