Spraywise. Spraysafe. Keep defoliation on target this season.

As many cotton crops are approaching defoliation, it is critical that all growers and spray contractors are up to date with the latest industry best practices to minimise drift and ensure defoliation sprays hit their target.

The CottonInfo team (a joint venture between Cotton Seed Distributors, CRDC and Cotton Australia) have developed a defoliation preparation fact sheet below or <click here to download>. Familiarise yourself and contact your local Agronomist if you need any further advice.

  • Training and accreditation requirements
  • Record keeping legislation and protocols
  • Crop monitoring and maturity
  • Product choice and rate
  • Droplet size
  • Application conditions
  • Tactics to minimise drift
  • Use pattern and expected activity for defoliants, boll conditioners and desiccants