Pest Control.

Barmac offers a wide range of high-quality agricultural and horticultural products. From fertilisers and soil conditioners to pest control solutions, their products are designed to enhance crop productivity and sustainability.

PCTI is a leading provider of innovative telecommunication solutions. With expertise in designing, deploying, and maintaining communication networks, PCTI delivers reliable and scalable solutions to businesses and service providers.

Bainbridge Veterinary Care is a trusted provider of comprehensive veterinary services in Australia. With a compassionate and experienced team, they offer a wide range of medical, surgical, and preventive care for pets and animals.

Syngenta Professional Pest Management offers industry-leading solutions for pest control professionals. With a wide range of innovative products and services, they help protect homes, businesses, and public spaces from pests.

Sumitomo Chemical Australia is a leading provider of innovative solutions in agriculture, health, and environmental sectors. With a commitment to sustainable development, they offer a diverse range of products and services, including crop protection solutions, pharmaceuticals, and specialty chemicals.

Animal Control Technologies (ACT) is a trusted name in pest management and animal control solutions. With a focus on humane and effective methods, ACT offers a wide range of products for pest control professionals and livestock producers. From rodenticides to animal repellents, their innovative solutions help safeguard homes, farms, and businesses.


Corteva Agriscience is a leading provider of crop protection solutions. With a diverse portfolio of innovative products, they help farmers protect their crops from pests, diseases, and weeds. From herbicides to insecticides, Corteva's solutions are designed to enhance crop health and maximise yields.

FMC Corporation is a global leader in agricultural sciences, providing innovative solutions to farmers around the world. With a strong focus on research and development, FMC offers a wide range of crop protection products, including herbicides, insecticides, and fungicides.

Grain Storage Solutions specialises in providing efficient and reliable grain storage systems for farmers and agricultural businesses. Their innovative solutions ensure safe and secure storage of grains, protecting them from pests, moisture, and spoilage.

GrainProtect is a leading provider of grain protection solutions, offering effective and sustainable solutions to safeguard stored grains. Their range of products includes insecticides, fumigants, and aeration systems, designed to combat pests and maintain grain quality.