Managing your pasture effectively will ensure high-quality feed for grazing livestock, provide sufficient groundcover to help protect the soil against degradation and improve the longevity of the pasture to help maximise the economic viability of your business.

From flood pasture regeneration to an improved pasture utilisation management program, our team of Agronomists can help with all facets of your production regime. Including soil type identification, soil and tissue testing for nutrients and constraints, paddock layout, pasture species and variety selection.

Getting the balance right from soil amelioration programs through to a highly productive improved pasture/forage will optimise animal production in your paddock. Our team can help identify all opportunities and risks to create solutions and tailor-made programs, refined to suit your paddock’s individual needs or as a part of a whole farm plan. Whether it is suggesting an improved layout of paddocks and fencing or advice on combating toxic and invasive weeds, our team can help boost your carrying capacity and allow to you improve your $/hd/ha.

The McGregor Gourlay Agronomy team together with our in-store Merchandise and Animal Health staff offer the benefits of years of practical and local knowledge in pasture management, animal health and supplementary feeding, together with the marketing expertise of our colleagues JA McGregor Livestock and Property to assist in maximising sustainability, productivity, and profitability from your stock.

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