Looking to increase profitability in your sugarcane production with higher, more uniform yields, sucrose content, extended ratoon life and lower operational costs?

Our Northern Rivers branches have a team of 5 Agronomists in the field with over 44 years combined experience in sugarcane plus 5 trucks ranging from a 6 tonner to a 22 tonne for the prompt delivery of all your fertiliser and chemical needs.

Whether you’re looking for assistance in fertiliser forecasting and orders, weed identification and herbicide strategies that work across wet or dry seasons. Or understanding how herbicides work, the period of residual control, the weed spectrum, best options and practices for pre and post emergent control, our Agronomy team have long standing partnerships with leading global suppliers, industry representatives and the most trusted products to minimise crop losses, improve soil health and sustainability, together with cost effective options.

In need of post flood advice and management? With the access to the latest in technical knowledge, our Northern Rivers team can provide crop assessments to determine all options available to our growers, from on the spot brix testing to determine the sugar content of damaged sugarcane, to drones to identify and solve any post flood and draining issues prior to harvesting.

We are proud to be able to assist our growers with everything they need to maximise yield through effective products, precise timing and managing all the little things. That’s our fine tuning expertise, today and for the long run.