We want to ensure you choose the right solution

The McGregor Gourlay team are at the forefront of agriculture, with an outstanding level of experience across a wide range of cropping environments to assist our customers pioneer production into new areas across the region and maximise the potential of their cropping and livestock operations.

By pushing the boundaries in cropping innovation with expansion eastwards into new cotton producing regions, we’ve offered new growers the opportunity for a highly profitable and environmentally sustainable rotation option.

Digital Agriculture plays an important role in the future of all agricultural systems, with technological advancements that are exciting and rapidly evolving.  Our team of highly experienced agronomists work closely with our digital experts to offer clients the latest in innovation and technology in agriculture.

McGregor Gourlay’s Digital Ag team partner with leading service providers, offering a unique service to clients in combining both agronomic and digital services. We aim to be different by first understanding the problem that our customers want to solve, and then find the most cost effective solution for the task. Ensuring you have the right solution for your farming enterprise.

McGregor Gourlay is thrilled to be part of the 2018 Australian Cotton Conference and look forward to sharing developments in digital agriculture and cropping innovation.

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